This blossom covered with dewdrops, is it right or wrong?
The mind's first need is to be 'right.' The heart's first need is to be connected. I can survive being wrong. I cannot survive being disconnected at the root.

Here is a beautiful meditation: spend a few minutes every day assuming that you are wrong about almost everything. Rest there. It is very comforting. Why?

Because we discover that being 'right' or 'wrong' isn't very important. Even when our mind is 'wrong,' our heart can connect to other hearts, to the moon and rain, the sound of wind and a robin at dawn. In fact, it's easier to be connected when we're 'wrong,' because then the mind quiets down. We just shut up and listen.

Joy has nothing to do with righteousness, but with connection through the radiance of the heart. I may be wrong about this...

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