Sacred Duty

Krishna, this hair-raising tickle of transcendental beauty, outraged the Brahmin priests when he danced with farm girls. Buddha felt the wrath of holy ascetics because he renounced renunciation, daring to savor a breath in his flesh, then a cupful of sweetened milk.

Jesus broke the purity code, condemned to death for hugging lepers and feasting with unclean women. Why were those women so unclean? Because they reminded men of their longing for what cannot be grasped by thought.

Let the radiance at the center of your body incinerate the books of law. Let your heart be a pot-still, your inner heat boiling the commandments into one transparent shot of pure forgiveness.

May the love that blossoms from the silence where looking begins, dissolve all faces of God into diamond emptiness. Your fragrance must escape the flower, your honey overflow the comb. This is your sacred duty: become an outlaw.

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