Nothing is Important

Everything is dissolving; therefor each particle of dust is infinitely precious. Nothing is important; therefor you are supremely beautiful.

No greater or less, no higher or lower, each creature the incomparable ideal of itself. Therefor I am free to give the same attention to your lips that Christ gives the soul.

The earth is not important. The sky is not important. Moon and stars are not important. The swirling galaxy is less than a water spider caught in a drain. The highest mountain is a ripple in a sea imagined at the final moment in the fading mind of a fresh corpse.

How important are you? The hollow in a reed, an empty cocoon, the hole in a Cheerio carried back to the forest in a crow's beak.

Tell me what thought you had precisely this time yesterday. Was it important? Where did it go? Whatever happened to that thought is happening to our world this moment. We are dissolving. And all the information we ever were is stored nowhere.

Existence is loss. Yet sacred loss opens space for wider existence. Friend, it isn't my intention to bring you down. What is weightless should not depress you.

I want you to dance on the ocean like a bubble that has just popped into nothing. I want to give you wings like a drop of last night's dew that disappears into a sunbeam on the mouth of an iris.

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