Through The Body

"Glorify God in your Body." ~1 Corinthians 6:20

When you get to heaven, you will meet many nice people and see many sweet things. But you will not find the light of God. Then you will ask, "Where is the light of God?"

And they will tell you, "Remember when you were on earth, and you had a body? Every particle of that body was made of the light of God."

And you will marvel and ask, "What shall I do?"

And they will answer, "Go back. Receive a body and meditate on the glory of your flesh. Realize the light you are."

Friend, you are not here on earth in exile from God. You are here because this is the only place to express the light completely. You are not here as a punishment. You chose this realm of chaos, this conflict of opposites, so that you could embrace all, All, ALL.

Meditation is not an out-of-body experience, but  a through-the-body experience. Your body is the portal to realms of glory.

Follow the scents. Smelling, tasting, hearing, touch, are sacred paths. Just as the senses lead outward to the wheel of karma, so they lead inward to the hub. Whirl on that Dervish-dot between breaths. T'shuva, turn, enter the sensuality of the soul, which is the flesh. 

Honor your body. Trust your body so deeply that your mind pervades each cell, permeates the interstellar space in an atom, pierces even to the glory at the core of a photon.

Why does the Word become flesh? So that you may come Om to your body.

Why does the Formless take birth in this form? To carry every dust-mote back to the silence that was here before God said, "Let there be light."

Why does Christ hang on the cross like a grape on the vine? To reveal the taste of the void on your tongue.

In the marrow of your bone, at the core of a star-forged proton, is a black hole containing all the information in the galaxy. Rest there.

Be washed in your own precious blood, every drop bejeweled in the eye of God. Your breath is the Holy Spirit. What shines from your gaze is the beauty of the next Avatar.

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