Who Knows?

"In the sunlight of awareness, everything becomes sacred."
~Thich Naht Hanh

Information is overrated. It is far more important to find out Who is being informed. In fact, we often use information as an escape from awareness.

In the age of digital media we are addicted to "knowing," entranced by an endless hypnotic stream of information. Yet most of the time, we're not looking for information at all: we're looking for connection. And we connect through the silent magnetic field of the heart, not through information stored in our brains.

Let us become sane again. Let us engage in the sacred practice of Unknowing. Unknowing is a return to Presence.
Right now, can you step out of the information in your head and become a naked Being available to sunlight, wind, pebbles and stars? Can you awaken to the green frog hiding under a fern, the person at your side, the breath of the moon?

How much education is required to hear a robin, or be overwhelmed by sunset? How much knowledge do you need to feel your heart beat? And to love?

Some will say that Unknowing is ignorance, but it is the opposite of ignorance. Ignorance is being mesmerized by the stream of distraction, swept into a toxic river of images and sensations fed to us by the media, until we have no inner life.

But Unknowing is awakening. We wake to the space beyond thought, the Clear Light that streams from within.
You are not the clutter of your knowledge. You are the Knower. You are the Light of the world.

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