A Simple Truth

The truth is very simple, but few want to hear it. The happiness I seek, I will never find outside my Self...

Neither in the body nor in the mind - for my mind is also outside me; neither in work nor play; neither in community nor solitude; neither in art nor science nor political action; neither in sex nor renunciation of sex; neither in the senses nor in control of the senses; neither in moral restraint nor in extravagance; neither in wealth nor in voluntary poverty; neither in the robe and sandals of the guru, nor in freedom from the guru...

True happiness is never the product of external circumstance, but a bubbling spring, deeper inside me than I am, overflowing from the core of Being through the portal of the heart for no reason at all, unearned, undeserved. Shall I call this the grace of the Beloved? Shall I call it surrender? Yet as soon as I give this fountain a name, it stops flowing.

To contain a Mystery this vast, one must be very humble, be nearly no one at all: just a veil of transparency, like a teardrop that covers the eye, yet encircles the galaxy.

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