The Holy Land

As I watched the news tonight, the announcer kept talking about 'Trump in the Holy Land,' visiting 'sacred sites' that were disputed by the two warring sides. All at once it became clear to me that the cruelest human behaviors, and the slaughter of millions, are rooted in our tribal notion that one land is more holy than another.

Either the whole Earth is sacred, or none of it is sacred. Why is it acceptable to clear cut that forest, leave nuclear waste on that prairie, spread toxic chemicals over those fields, but your little slice of real estate is untouchable and holy? When will we hear the cry of the great Goddess from every bleached coral reef and each wounded branch?

I got very angry and shouted at the news, "Your holy land is no more holy than my back yard!" - and the very instant I shouted the words "back yard," my dear friend Rave landed with a jolt on my back porch, joined by his lifelong mate. Here they are...

I turned off the news. What a sacred evening, every leaf is vibrant with the green Spirit, and songbirds are rejoicing in the golden evening sun!

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