Intimate Touch

What is the most intimate touch?

To touch someone with your body may be intimate, or it may be an act with no intimacy at all.

To truly touch someone with the mind may happen at a great distance, yet it may be far more intimate than the touch of the flesh.

But to touch someone through deep stillness, to touch someone through pure silence, is the deepest form of intimacy, that can change a person forever. This is how the Master touches the heart.

A raindrop falling on a fern blade. The warm sun burning gently, patiently, through a chill morning mist. The cry of the sparrow just before dawn, when the darkness seems abysmal, a cry that touches the heart of meditation at its core, awakening the mystery of love.

And that love is intimate, blue as the sky around the green earth, yet inwardly piercing to the core of the soul.

When your heart, and the space that contains the stars, become one and the same vastness, intimacy is complete.

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