Sacred Loss

"Whoever clings to his life shall lose it, but whoever loses his life for me shall find it." ~Master Jesus

Can you taste the color of brilliant silence? Can you hear lightning in the void?

The greatest victory is to lose everything. If you lose almost everything yet hold on to a little, you are poor. But if you lose it all, unconditionally, giving everything away in one magnificent act of inward generosity, you are very rich.

Buddhists call it sunyata, "emptiness." In Christianity it is kinosis, "self emptying." In Philippians 2 we read, "Jesus emptied himself." Vedanta describes self-emptied awareness as neti neti, "not that, not this."

As soon as a thought arises, kiss it and let it go. If you claim ownership of nothing, not even your thoughts, you will never be disappointed.

ose the goal. Lose the path. Lose the beloved and break your heart. Loss will teach you everything.

Mary Magdalene, by Carlo Sellitto, 1610

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