Political Dialog

He said, "Our only duty is annihilation. What leaps in to fill the vacuum is none of our business."

I said, "Don't preach to me about injustice. Preach the fragrance of a rose."

He said, "I want the sap, not the flower."

I said, "When you are awake, every myth is true, every ritual is efficacious. When you are asleep, none of them work."

He said, "All utopias are founded on revenge."

I said, "The only revolution is to breathe."

He said, "To each according to their need, from each according to their ability."

I said, "The Dharma Wheel does not turn when everyone is disabled."

He said, "We are all victims."

I said, "Teach that to the horse, not to the fly."

He said, "Socialism is vast and gray, the Commune is local and green."

I said, "Yes, the radical act is to be present."

He said, "There is no time for the check to arrive."

I said, "Investing in Silence will not exploit the labor of others, yet it provides a secure retirement."

He said, "This sounds like a turning without center."

I said, "Inhale, there is no worker. Exhale, there is no owner."

He said, "If everything has a cost, who will pay?"

I said, "After the money is gone, you will eat the bankers."

He said, "We have mistaken our Awareness for God."

I said, "Therein lies the play of the universe."

He said, "I have no religion."

I said, "My religion is to walk barefoot at midnight in wet grass, un-naming the stars."

Painting: 'Moses' by Frida Kahlo

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