Samhain (Pronounced 'Sow'en')

The veil between the worlds is thin,
Bright to dark the seasons turn,
Green Man's fire in the Jack O'Lantern,
Light above now shines within.

Come dance in the circle of Samhain,
Buds of Beltane burnished in frost.
Honor the Old Ones: nothing is lost.
Whatever you offer is born again.
Pictured here - a Samhain alter from our annual celebration of the Celtic New Year (our Halloween party) at Common Bread. Samhain (pronounced Sow'en) is my favorite yearly festival. It is a sacred turning.

What we call Halloween was the ancient Irish and Celtic New Year, the liminal time when the veil between worlds thins like a brittle golden leaf. Once juicy gourds hollow out, we touch the cobweb realm, sacred Emptiness glows. The Formless One outshines the husk of all her forms.

As Northern hemisphere tips into the kingdom of evening, we lighten our load, grieve and let go. Farewell to summer's cloy and cling. Allow the night to burn away too heavy-laden relationships, and burdens of spent memory.

Green Man elders and grows frail, touching his original seed in Her. Yang fruit-energy withers and withdraws from leaves and flowers, graciously allowing Wiccan Yin to resume her inward weaving. Spider mandalas in moonlight.

Let branches caress their root and earth exhale, sinking down to Winter's belly. Welcome the shadow. Your emptiness must sparkle with inner stars. Rejoice in the pregnancy of Mary, the season of Advent: breath of Spirit glows in heart of Mother-Matter, preparing for Solstice rebirth.

Important to remember now that darkness is not the opposite of light: darkness is the womb of light. You can restore a healthy relationship with your hollow places, your black silences. You can embrace the mystery of Kinosis, self-emptying. Give up clinging to husks. Fall inward. Meet your Ancestor in the bone-fire. Treasure the night.

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