I Awoke

I awoke this morning with the clearest conviction that each moment on earth is a miracle, each atom of the world is a temple of beauty, constructed by the tireless skill of countless angels, and each sensation of this human flesh is the sacramental wedding kiss of the Lover and Beloved.

Lord Shiva is pure awareness. His Beloved is the Goddess Shakti, dancing in myriad forms of incarnation. It is only the veil of our opinions, our self-important mind, that covers the world in a gray cloud, and prevents us from seeing this earth as it truly is: the play of the Divine.

With every breath, we are heirs to inconceivable abundance. With every heartbeat, in a mind struck silent by wonder, we hear the song of God. There is no lack but a little awareness.

Painting: Goddess Lakshmi by Ananda Vdovic

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