Moon Play

Krishna: "I am the still blue sky, pouring my entire soul into your body as this breath.

Radha: "My exhalation is a silent prayer of longing. When I offer the gift back to you, I become the vast empyrean."

Krishna: "Without your amber, pink and brown, my love could never find repose in earthly flesh."

Radha: "Without your hollow silence in each cell, each atom of my flesh, I could not dance and sing. In you, I am weightless."

Krishna: "This garden blossoms not from soil, but from the empty space at the end of your sigh. Heaven and earth are your tears."

Radha: "Take off your shoes and leave your footprints on my heart."

Krishna: "It is not enough to be a rose-windowed dragon fly. It is not enough to be a serpent full of nectar dangling from the tree of knowledge."

Radha: "I am full, yet I yearn. Let me be your virgin guru in the art of erotic dying."

Krishna: "Only when you cultivate the intuition of a lotus floating on a pool of milk, in a forest on a star that exploded aeons ago, whose light only now reaches you, bathing your face in self-recognition."

Radha: "Yes, yes I overflow with that un-created light, yet I want more of your bold whimsical love-making, my torso filled with the melody of your flute. Therefor I offer seven wounds to your fingers. Play me!"

Krishna: "Ten thousand Gopi paramours I entertain beneath a single banyan tree. Yet you alone have returned the gift of my gift, the breath of my breath."

Radha: "There is nothing left in my cup. That is why it sparkles with your face."

Krishna: "Radha, Radha, wherever saints and seekers seek your grace, Winter will cease and hosts of flowers will open, spilling priceless diamonds with the fragrance of death."

Radha: "The taste of my name on their lips will turn them into fools."

Krishna: "Your teardrop is wider than the sea. Your laughter is a mighty stream that flows from the peak of Mount Meru. You sing before there are words. Your bee-hum contains all scriptures."

Radha: "The fool who drinks this wine grows wiser than the God who created him."

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