In the form of the mind, our karma goes out into the world and gets stuck in the web of time. But the Self passes through this net without getting caught.

Beyond the mind, the Self is neither diminished nor increased by living in the world. There is no future or past in the Self, for whom the world is like a glorious and terrible mirage.

The Self is pure awareness without an object, slipping out of all chains, either of iron or gold, pain or pleasure.

The motion of turning and returning like a wheel from life to life is only an appearance in the stillness of the Self. It is the world that comes and goes, not the Self.

Repose without effort in the Self, who is a tiny spark lodged in the core of your heart. Yet instantly this spark ignites and consumes the entire universe like a ball of cotton.

Repose without effort in the Self, by whose sun-like golden splendor you will be replenished, and will replenish others, until there is no other.

Painting by Kay Larch

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