One Inhalation

One breath brings more revelation than the Bible, the Qur'an, and the Vedas. To savor every millimeter of this inhalation is incalculable abundance. It is the river of wonder that leads to the ocean of God.

In fact, every inspired scripture or prophecy came from the silence where this breath arises, and to which it returns. The source of revelation is in your own chest.

To delight in this breath is the end of war. To be grateful for the riches of this breath is the end of consumerism, the end of craving. If you are truly awake, merely to breathe is the purest form of worship, bringing peace on earth.

This breath is given, not taken.  Rest in the grace of this breath, with deep thanksgiving. To be awake in this breath
is the spiritual root of radical politics, the Om-coming of sustainable economics.

"Eco-nomy" comes from the Greek words for "home" and "law." Economy is the law, the government, of the home. When we feel completely at home in a single breath, what can we crave? Where is our angry restless mind? Merged in the breath, mind is governed by the heart.

If you are astonished by a breath,
your needs are few. And when your needs are few, you exploit no one. You can walk gently, tasting the green grass with your bare feet, discovering the miracle in the smallest bud, the wealth in a pebble.

This Sabbath morning, why not let the unconscious miracle of breathing become conscious, and awaken Adam from the dust?

NOTE: The significance of "Adam" and his breath.

This secret of breath is not just a teaching of Yoga, or Mindfulness meditation. It is the first teaching of the Bible in the Hebrew creation story.
"Adamah" in Hebrew means dust. Humanity is dust. It's a pun. When Creator breathes conscious breath ("nafesh") into Adam, only then does the dust became a "living soul" ("nefesh"). Another pun. The Bible is full of puns. Every word for soul or spirit in the Bible also means "breath."

We are threaded back to the Source of creation through each breath. The great yogic teacher, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, says that 98% of the toxins in our body can be expelled through the breath, and most dis-ease can be healed through the breath at an early stage, before it manifests in the physiology. The art of breathing is the innate biological technology for health that we sorely need to remember.

Photo: New blossoms out my window, taken three years ago today. 

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