'Stand In The Holy Place'

Jesus said, "When you see the abomination of desolation, stand in the holy place." He was speaking of times like ours, full of chaos, anger, and fear.

Where is the "holy place" Jesus spoke of? Is it a temple, an ashram, a cabin in the forest? No, these places too can be shaken with chaos or scandal. The "holy place" is the space of the heart, your silent core - an infinitesimal bindhu, tinier than a black mustard seed, yet more vast than the night sky, with all its stars.

In that silent core is a radiance more solid than diamond. You can stand there, while the turmoil of the world spins around you. There you can "be still and know that I Am God."

Know That. That is I Am. I Am is God. That I Am is pure awareness at Om in its Self, one without a second, infinite subject without an object.

Why cling to the changing world? You can live in the world without clinging to it. This is not hard, it is much easier.

Clinging to what changes only brings suffering. Why not rest in the changeless? But perhaps you do not believe it is really there...

How could you see change if there were no Unchanging inside you who sees? How could you know chaos and confusion if there were not a Knower of perfect stillness, purest silence, who witnesses the chaos outside?

Are you afraid that the jewel of the Spirit is not as real, not as solid, as the mad world? In truth, the jewel within you is more solid and more real.

I Am. I Am nearer than your next inhalation. I Am more intimate than your pulse. I Am awareness before you have a thought. I Am the heart of your heart, the breath of your breath, the immortal body of light within your flesh.

When you see "the abomination of desolation," repose in Me.

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