The Revolution Is to Rest In The Heart

Those who claim to rule over us try to keep our minds in a constant state of political shock, economic anxiety, and fear of war, because when we are outraged, we are easy to manipulate.

So we want to resist. But the best resistance is to remain centered in the diamond solidity of pure awareness, letting the muddy oil of this world slide bead-like off the lotus of your heart. The joy of inner freedom never projects despair onto the mirror of the future.

Feel the nearness of the Beloved in the warmth of anahata, the space in your chest where harmony arises from a silent un-struck bell. There is nothing to resist when you are hollow.
Be guided by whatever expands the warmth in your heart. Leave whatever contracts it. This warmth is unfathomably gentle, yet its power is mightier than all political institutions, and every strategy the mind invents for self-protection.

Use this tenderness to heal some small creature right beside you, and you will heal the earth. Love is local, but its breath sweeps the stars.

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