“Hridayeh chitta sanghattad drishyas svapa darshanam:
One who merges the mind in the Heart perceives this world
as it truly is: a projection of consciousness." ~Shiva Sutras

Consciousness is not the product of chemicals interacting in the brain. Quite the opposite: the chemicals in this body are vibrations of consciousness.  Every particle in the body is a resonance of pure consciousness, even as consciousness remains unbounded, all-pervading, and infinite.

Consciousness contains the stars, galaxies, clusters of galaxies, and the space beyond, yet consciousness is completely contained in the hollow of each atom.

In the words of the Upanishads, Om Tat Sat, Tat Tvam Asi. All this is nothing but That unbounded consciousness, and you are That.

When human beings learn to enter the heart and experience the omnipresent Self, they automatically recognize the Self in others too. Warfare ends. But until then, there is no progress in civilization, no matter how "scientifically advanced" we become. New technologies may develop, but we only employ them to divide and conquer, perpetuating our Stone Age materialism, just using more sophisticated stones.

Until we awaken from within,
humanity remains stuck in what Thomas Hobbes called, "the war of every man against every man." We are bound to rival and fear one another, because we imagine ourselves to be separate and finite, when in truth we are all radiant pulsations of pure consciousness, incomparably unique resonances of each other.

We really need to grow up and abandon all this petty quarreling.

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