Greeting the Goddess

The Goddess of Spring is passing through. Greet her with a smile and a breath of gratitude.

As you breathe in, open your crown to the sky, letting clouds, stars and waxing moon pour down through your nerves into the grail of your chest.

As you breathe out, let Winter go, melting, flowing through your marrow, out through the soles of your feet, offered into the Earth to fertilize her dark loam.

Now, with eyes hollow yet radiant as jewels, see the light of your own pure consciousness shining, not only from within, but from every swollen bud and tiny blossom, every sparkling particle in creation.

This is the ancient ritual called Greeting the Goddess, that you practiced often when you were 8 months old.

Painting: Botticelli, detail, 'Allegory of Spring,' 1482

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