Is A Blossom Right Or Wrong?

This blossom covered with dewdrops. is it right or wrong?
The mind's first need is to be 'right.' The heart's first need is to feel connection. I can survive being wrong. I cannot survive being disconnected.

On a Spring morning, breathing this blossom in has nothing to do with right or wrong. It is electric connection to the Shakti pervading all creation.

Here is a meditation for clearing your circuits and re-booting your Presence: Spend a minute assuming that you are wrong about almost everything. Then gaze quietly into a flower, breathing in nameless beauty.

Why does such a simple act of non-doing restore so much energy, not only to one's self, but to the environment?

Because you discover that being 'right' or 'wrong' isn't very important. Even when the mind is 'wrong,' the heart can connect, responding profoundly to other hearts, to a raindrop, the moon, the sound of a robin at dawn, the pollen on a stamen tip.

In fact, it's easier to be connected when we're 'wrong,' because the mind is humbled into quietness. We just shut up and listen. This is response-ability.

Would you like to walk this planet as a joyful healer? Then please remember, it has nothing to do with your righteousness, nothing to do with imposing your moral code on the world. Joyful healing happens organically, as a practice of embodiment, when you connect the earth to the radiance of your heart through the soles of your feet.

I could be wrong about this...

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