Zen Ox Herding Pictures 7 - 9

#7: In meditation you glimpse the empty circle. But the moon still seems to be above you, and the stars still seem to be outside.

#8: Merging with emptiness, you dissolve the one who glimpses.

#9: Emerging, you cherish the whole world as emptiness. There is no more coming or going.

You walk barefoot by the river, noticing the green willow, hearing the sigh of the breeze in the willow fronds, knowing without a single thought that the willow and the breeze are not other than your eyes and ears. The river is flowing through the stillness of the self, and the self is not other than these ripples of water and sunlight.

You see through every cell of the body that all creatures are light and free of existence. All creatures are weightless and free of non-existence. Because you are unborn, you dance on the earth. You walk beside the river in Springtime, greeting each wild daffodil like an old friend, sensing by its smell that the mud between your toes is made out of pure awareness.

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