Ocean of Gold

"Energy is eternal delight." ~William Blake

Many of us try as hard as possible to still this wild golden splendor, give it weight, grasp and hold it, contain it in a fixed structure of practices and beliefs. Yet the only responsible thing to do is let go and rejoice, because what we are striving for is already happening, each moment.

We drown in an ocean of gold, the sea of pure consciousness. Our souls ever dance and dissolve in these waves of love, yet there's nothing we can do to harness or channel the divine energy, because it is who we Are. Can a bubble of foam control the ocean? Or course not, but it can Be water.

Let Shiva be Shiva: watch the phantasm unfold. Let Shakti be Shakti: celebrate the whirl. Let formless Silence reverberate with the causeless echo of countless forms. Let wild Stillness rise and fall in waves of self-delight. It's out of control: therefor rejoice...

Your most creative "work" will arise from this joyful surrender.

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