You are the Witness. You are not your mind, but the one who sees your mind, your intellect, your feeling, your little  'I,'  as a mother watches over her little children. The mother sits quietly, the children are very active. But the mother is aware of everything.

You, as the Witness, are the sapphire splendor of pure consciousness, so refulgent with self-evident beauty that you expect nothing, regret nothing, desire nothing, fear nothing. You simply watch the passing phantasms of waking and dreaming. You remain awake even during the nescience of deep sleep, watching it as the sweetness of your body at rest.

As Witness, you are the still, boundless, eternal blue sky that has always reposed in the deepest core of the heart. But for lifetimes your vast blue  subjectivity was over-shadowed by the cloudy objects of the world, the images of your mind, and the darkness of slumber.

The Witness is Turiya, whom the Upanishads define as the fourth state of consciousness - "beyond waking, dreaming, and sleep."
Through the grace of meditation, Turiya wakes up and outshines the fleeting images of the world.

Now the background becomes foreground, while the play of material and mental forms becomes background. You see the relative world as a mirage dancing and flickering in half-light, like a candle in the noon-day sun.

The Witness is not above or beyond you, nor in heaven, nor after death, nor out of the body. The Witness is who you are, this very moment, before you even form a thought about it.

You cannot think about the Witness. The Witness is not an idea. The Witness is not the mind. The Witness is the one who watches the mind, watches thoughts arise and dissolve in the boundless space of its own Self-Radiance.

Compared to the limitless sky of the Witness, your mind with all its knowledge and education, its entire past, its story of 'me,' its notion of a 'destiny' and a 'future,' is like a speck of thistledown, floating in the breeze.

Do not strive to attain the state of the Witness. Do not work to become who you already are. Just let go of what you are not.

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