When you crush a ripe blueberry on your tongue, and you are present, there is overwhelming sweetness. But if you are busy thinking of something else, you won't notice the taste at all.
You need the gentlest agreement with the body, an agreement simply to be here. Then that blueberry sweetens your whole day.

And just as your tongue tastes the tang of a berry, so your mind savors the fragrance of a breath. The wonder of a single inhalation carries a mind-full of energy and peace, brightening the whole inner sky.

Yet if your mind is somewhere else, or lost in memories of yesterday, you won't scent this miracle. You must agree to be present to your breath, with no other thought or intention. Then you are swept clear by the same gentle yet mighty wind that stirred the waters of the deep at the dawn of creation.

Now if a blueberry can awaken your body's delight, and a breath can recreate your mind, what imperishable beauty blossoms from the core of your Being when you let your heartbeat have its way with you, and sink into the pulse of silence?

These are simple gifts of human incarnation. Don't imagine you are being selfish by attending to them. Let God be present in your tongue, in your breath, in your heartbeat, and you will become a fountain of gratitude that nourishes the world.

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