Safety First

During these painful times, root your attention in the truth: you are in the world, but not of the world.

The irony is, the more deeply rooted we are in transcendent Being, the more powerful and free we are to act creatively from the present moment. So here are some practical reminders of mindfulness.

for a moment as simple awareness, the imageless transparency of Being, before a thought arises. Do this
often throughout the day.

Know beyond the shadow of a doubt that the Creator flows through your body as the gift of breath. Each breath is the milk of divine love.

Don't ascribe motive to the actions of another. This saves you from becoming the motive you ascribe.

Drop blame.
When we blame someone, we take on their karma.
This is why we become more and more like our enemies, and why we often choose enemies who remind us of a secret shadow in ourselves.
There are a thousand more useful ways you can serve the world besides blaming others.

Please, don't confuse this worldsorrow with your soul. You are the unfathomable well of forgiveness. You are peace.

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