Tap The Source

Take back your power!
your heart clear.
your gaze
with the gaze
of the Beloved.
Why hunger for images
when you could thirst
for Being?
It is your fragrance
that heals the earth.
Burn away the petals
in stem fire.
Make your intellect
an empty window
where Light may flow
into these wounds.
Never before have I met so many people who feel powerless to change society, to address injustice and suffering, to make a difference in a troubled world. I need to share these words from the heart.

Surrounding your body is a subtler body made of breath, glowing like the moon. Surrounding your breath-body is the space of the mind. This space could be a transparent window, but is covered in the dust of thought and time.

Penetrate the space of mind, and we find that it is a fabric woven of subtle energy threads, threads not made of thought but pure feeling. This underlying fabric of mind is intuition, called 'Buddhi' in Sanskrit. It contains all the answers you need, the moment you need them, without the burden of anxious thought.

If we become very quiet, we transcend even this field of Buddhic energy, and come to rest in the Atman, the most intimate core of the heart. Atman is like a golden sun, the silent radiance of the soul, so near that it is prior to thought, prior to feeling, prior to the arising of "I." Atman is the pure, sparkling, blue sky of awareness.

Atman is the watcher, who never slumbers, even when we dream, even when we repose in deep sleep. Atman does not seem to act, yet that clarity, that witnessing power, is so creative it moves the world. The unmoved mover of our lives, Atman propels us through world after world, lifetime after lifetime.

What do we search for in all these lives? We imagine that we search for some treasure in the world outside us - an ideal utopia, the perfect marriage, the glory of wealth and prestige, or perhaps a supremely advanced academic degree. But all those lives are projections of our longing, our dread, our nostalgia, and our lack. Thus we never actually experience anything new, only an old story re-imagined...

Until at last, in a moment of weariness and grace, we turn the searchlight around to gaze within, and see the light of the one who sees. This light is what we had been seeking all along. This light is never in the past. It is always new, ever self-refreshed, a destroying fire of ceaseless re-creation.

How does one tap this wellspring of life? Through meditation. Then we recognize, not as belief but direct experience, that our soul is a ray of God, a spark of Brahman. We finally understand that to be on earth is the greatest privilege - for only here may we incarnate the living stream of divine love for the benefit of those in need.

The love-stream flows through you, not from you. You pour it into the world. But this is no longer your world. It is the purgatory, the heaven, and the hell projected by others, out of their yearning and their fear. Oh yes, you are in their world, but not of it. For the greater part of you has become a window, letting beauty through. This is what Christ meant when he said, "My kingdom is not of this world."

You are light in disguise, gently dwelling among the people, speaking quietly, touching, healing. No need to shout. You are an anonymous spring of Presence. And you carry liberating talismans for protection: Innocence, Spontaneity, the impeccable credential of being no one special.

This is your true work, whatever other avocation you might practice. One may be a mother, changing her baby's diapers; another a carpenter, building a doorway in a home. Another could be a doctor, a small business owner, or a social worker, moving among the disabled and the poor.

But if your heart is awake, and you tap the unfathomable well of the Atman, it doesn't matter whether you are known or unknown, rich or poor, dark or light, adorned with learning or unschooled: you have become a secret radiance that lightens the burdens of those around you. And the hidden power of your Being is love.

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