De-Link the Moment from the Story

There are events, and there is a narrative that threads events into a story. The event and the story are completely separate. Each moment is a luminous whole, truly existing as a world. But the story threading moments together exists only in our mind.

Mind brings story from the past, superimposing it onto the world. In doing so, mind imputes motive to others, and constructs a "destiny" out of time.

But we can de-link the event from the story: one of the supreme functions of meditation. Letting mind become silent, we can let the narrative dissolve. Then we see the event clearly, just as it is. We can bathe the moment in the light of compassion.

In this way, we are present to each moment, present as love, without imputing motive to others, or pretending that we know what is destined. This not only makes us more available, it saves our mind from the burden of painful delusion.

It is above our pay-grade to know the destiny of the world, and to judge the motives of other people. Our only duty is to love, to heal, and to Be in the moment.

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