Out of Control

"Control is opposed to evolution." ~Maharishi

Wisdom is out of control. No need to control the mind, just transcend the mind. No need to silence the intellect, just transcend the intellect. No need to suppress the ego, just transcend the ego.

How do I transcend? I do not. The grace of the Master does it for me. Effortlessly mind, intellect and ego bathe in vast loving Presence,
Presence like the sky, pervaded by love like the color blue.

Beauty stuns the mind into stillness. Intellect grows quiet in the boundless light of Yes. I dissolve into Am, Am into We, We into communion.

This work of Un-Doing is meditation. When the work is undone, mind is clear. Intellect is sharp. Ego is a playful agent of laughter. Useful tears spring up. Are they tears of sorrow or joy?

One who goes out of control has enough dispassion to feel the joys and sorrows of all creatures, as if they are her own. Such compassionate dispassion is the fruit of transcendental meditation.

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