Primum Mobile

How the first mover entangled
the void, who the source of
stillness is, where we learned
the etiquette of listening,
and why only the blind
can say,
"Roses open themselves" -
these are the uncertainties in
which we finally believe.
Confused as Buddha, watch
the knot of the uncreated
untie itself: a dandelion,
alchemy of moonbeams
and dew, the anorexic stem
a green systole of pulverized
bone, detritus of corpses
nourishing invisible seeds,
the hurricane of stars
in the spin of a quark. Recall
the waltz of your embryo,
wasp flight, the crystal vortex
in your mother's eye.
Comprehend your own ear,
an oceanic conch, the hollow
of hearing. You came here
to learn how all that spirals
causes more silence. You are
the heart of the whirled.

Photo: Dante's muse, Beatrice, who is
the divine feminine power of his intuition,
shows the poet a vision of the Prime Mover.

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