त्रयम् एकत्र संयम Concentration, subtlization and transcendence (dharana, dhyana, and samadhi): 'Combining these three in meditation on one object is Samyama.' ~Patanjali, Yoga Sutras 3.4

What is the relationship between the subtlest particle in your body and the stillness of the space it whirls through?

The resonance that is the very form of the particle is not other than the motionless vacuum in whom it vibrates. The vacuum is pure consciousness. Experiencing this makes you lighter than air.

An eddy of emptiness in a stream of silence, flowing eternally to the place where it always already is.

Your body is subtler than a veil of moonbeams disappearing at dawn. Knowing that you are woven out of boundless space is illumination.

This is not metaphysics. It is an infinitesimal bindhu at the tip of your finger, the gristle in your cheekbone, a dissolute kiss, the ayin soph of dust in a ray of sunlight.

The dance is its own purpose. There is nothing but synchronicity. Unforeseen consequences of unintended causes simultaneously arising as the incomprehensible Beauty of chaos.

The word "ananda" in Sanskrit, the word "tova" in Hebrew, the word "bliss" in English, do not convey a shadow of the spiritual ecstasy that matter is made of.

To honor the effervescence of the vacuum at the end of this exhalation, in the diamond point where the next inhalation is about to arise, is to witness the creation of the universe now.

If this is gibberish to you, ignore it. If you understand what I am struggling to say, light your face on fire with laughter.

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