The Politics of Meditation

The most progressive politics is to see the world as consciousness. The revolution is to breathe. The radical act is to be present. Rest the mind in the heart.

Citizens only see and act from their own level of consciousness. If our consciousness is cluttered with anxiety, we will create a more anxious nation.

The irony is that the greatest energy and healing we can bring to our world is not by political opposition, not by feeding polarization between two sides, and not by repeating the narrative of hate that each party constructs about the other. Let go of all such anxious thinking and simply rest the mind in the heart.

The political mind is not a silent, receptive, creative space. It is a thought-cluttered space of conflict, a space where voices shout louder and louder, but no one listens. What use is our restless anxiety, our angry political thinking? This is the question Jesus asked: "Who of you by taking thought, or by being anxious, can add one inch to your stature?" (Mat 6:27)

The space of the Heart is completely different. Heart is the space of unity, the space of listening, and the energy of creation. Seeing, then acting through the golden light of the heart, we create a new earth.

The world is the light we see it by. Like the ancient Vedic rishis of India, Jesus described the material world as a projection of our consciousness. "The Eye is the light of the body. If your eye is single - unified in the heart center - your whole body will be filled with light." (Mat 6:22)
To rest the mind in the heart is the beginning and end of all spiritual practice. This same instruction is found in the ancient yogic text, Vijnana Bhairava, and in the earliest Christian manual of prayer, the Philocalia.

Now is precisely not the time to let the negative energy of party politics sweep us away. The practice of meditation is a life-line to free our hearts from endless strife and division, so that we can be truly response-able, and present to this moment.

If our two parties were sincerely interested in healing the nation, they would dialog. They would work together to find practical solutions. They would integrate the best aspects of capitalism and socialism, good business and good government. They would not waste all their time vilifying the opposition and raising money for the next election. But that, in fact, is all they do.

The two party system was never the vision of our nation's founders, who eschewed party politics all together. In his farewell address to Congress,  9/17/1796, George Washington warned that political parties would: "become potent engines by which cunning, ambitious, and unprincipled men will be enabled to subvert the power of the people and to usurp for themselves the reins of government, destroying afterwards the very engines which have lifted them to unjust dominion." And John Adams wrote, “There is nothing which I dread so much as a division of the republic into two great parties." (Letter to J. Jackson, 10/2/1780)

No Democratic or Republican elite will ever offer the one piece of legislation that would restore our democracy: public financing of elections. Why? Because both parties are in the pockets of superpacs and corporate lobbyists. The two party system is sham democracy. Once you are forced to choose only this or that, you are a slave. Either-Or is not a choice, but a form of mind-control. The better option is to sweep both parties out of government and elect independent problem solvers who pledge allegiance to no party at all.

To rest the mind in the heart is not only the most ancient meditation, but the most radical politics. Let us dissolve our dysfunction at its root, and heal our nation from within.


Mystic Meandering said...

Yes! Wonderful post! This should be published in all the newspapers across this country! We need a shift in paradigm *and* a shift of power, out of authoritarian, polarizing politics. I too would like to see the two PARTY system dissolved, and I believe Gov. John Kasich of Ohio has voiced this as well. And thank you for the references about the Founding Fathers! Encouraging.

I am an "unaffiliated" voter, but was sent 2 ballots, one dem, one rep, in the recent primary, and had to choose one *party* to vote for, not which candidate was best. It is definitely a PARTY system. A flawed system. Even a neighbor tried to pull me into a discussion of how they were happy a certain dem had won the primary here because she felt that would give "us" (the republicans) a better chance of winning in Nov! I replied that I did not wish to discuss politics as it was too polarizing. She still tried to bait me. I don't imagine she would have wanted to discuss meditation as a remedy :DDDDD Meditation and politics don't mix because then no one has anything to "argue" about, to be divisive about. In meditation all divisions are dissolved because we are free of the polarizing mind that likes to argue. :) Instead we Rest in the Silence of our True Being - as you pointed out...

Namaste _/\_

AKL said...

You are a breath of fresh air!

Mystic Meandering said...
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Mystic Meandering said...

Fred, you changed this post since I left my comment! I do not agree that Advaita is the answer! That's just applying another construct. Advaita is just another belief system. The "answer" is as you said in your original text, to practice meditation, to rest in the Heart, and I would add, once again, to rest in the Silence of our True Being... as you said, it's that simple...