Thread of Gratitude

If you feel angry, sad, low down, just think of one small thing you are grateful for, and follow that feeling, that sensation of gratitude, down a thread of breath into your heart.
I don't mean some metaphysical heart - I mean, literally, this purple pulsing organ that is also a brain, netted in a complex of neurons that sparkle with the same neuro-peptide transmitters as the brain in your head.

Follow that gossimer of gratitude (it is a fuse) down to the beaten darkness of your weary patient ancient blood. Sink into the boundless inter-galactic space that is somehow enfolded in the temple of your chest. Keep falling (the Fall is grace) until this silken breath of thanksgiving ignites a golden radiance (A Fire more solid than any material form on earth). Like Jesus, you have "overcome the world".

You are love. You are joy. You are wonder. Sleep on it.

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