Blessed Are You When You Are Confused

A prominent intellectual asked me, "Are you a Christian, a Hindu, or a Buddhist? I can't tell which."

I answered, "Neither can I."

"You must be confused," he said.

"Yes," I replied, "and blessed are you when you are confused, for then your mind will descend into the heart."
"But what is your religion?" he asked.

"Listen, friend. I was a born again Christian. I was a twice born Hindu. I was an unborn Buddhist. Then the Goddess hugged me to her bosom of abysmal silence, and suckled me on the sweet milk of mere breathing.

"Uncreated light gushed up my spine and fountained out of the wound in my crown. My eyes became black holes at the center of twin galaxies.

"Now I am a finger writing Truth on still water: Impermanence is the soul of Beauty."

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