Rose Window

 "The eye is the light of the body. If your eye be single, 
your whole body will be filled with light." ~Luke 11:34

What if your heart were a rose window in the Notre Dame of your body, tinted with morning or evening light, and you were the glazier?

Would you choose for its center that violet Lady dawdling the child on her knee? That golden Master stretching out his hand to touch and heal the poor?

Or a formless emerald flowering, wings of the dragonfly, amethyst and ruby? And now your most blessed choice of all: which way the rays of light will fall...

Does brilliance filter down from stars through a world of troubled shadows, pouring heaven into our unilluminated thirst?

Or does that glory spring from Within, flared by very looking?

Friend, consider this: we bathe one another in a single dazzling eye of love, muted through a kind of gracious glass;

each of us rose-centered, translucent, a cathedral of promise upon the dark world's purpling intimations of dawn.

Photo: rose window, Notre Dame de Paris

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