Choose your heart.

Choose your heart. One heart loves and serves those in need. Another heart condemns and criticizes the wealthy. A heart cannot expand with the warmth of service, yet contract with judgment and condemnation. They completely different energies. Be of one heart, not two.


Maundy Thursday

You venerate the Master because you want to resemble him.
But why did the Master come?
Only to remind you, dear,
that you were born exactly like the Lord of Love.
His breath is the same air.
His soles are covered with the same dust.
Both of you say, "I Am," and the Am is one.
You bow and wash his feet in your tears,
but a real Master will not accept such behavior.
He lifts you up with his smile
and whispers the true name of Light in your ear.
Then he bows to you, you bow to me,
I bow to the poorest flower.
In the ocean of grace, from crown to toes,
we wash each others perfect bodies.

Good Friday

All afternoon I hear the carpenters hammering nails
through his hands and feet.
The same wood they use to make barrels for wine.
The same iron they use to make bells.
The same moon-dark blood that makes us fertile
and flowers in our lips.
The same cries mothers use for birth.
We all taste the same vinegar.
We cause one another that very pain.
We share it like bread.
All afternoon I hear them hammering
but they cannot bind him.
Of course his body is real, but it is made of light.
He keeps climbing down, slapping them on the back,
offering them a drink of something new.
But they keep hammering.
They don't notice him walking barefoot into the future
down the dusty street, touching, healing the children.
Those deep burgundy footprints, where lilies would grow.
And far behind him, the sound of workmen and soldiers
hammering wood, clanging iron,
building they know not what...

Detail: Mural on the Church of St. Francis, Assisi, by the School of Giotto


Pass Over

The pharaoh represents the stubbornness of our mind, refusing to surrender and let evolution flow. The "firstborn" that must be sacrificed is the ego's most cherished opinion or attachment, blocking the evolutionary flow. Israel symbolizes the impulse of evolving consciousness, yearning to journey from bondage to liberation, back to the garden of the Heart. This journey leads her over the space of purification (the desert), through the stream of enlightenment (the river Jordon), and into into the state of union (the promised land) flowing with shakti and ananda (milk and honey). Unfortunately, when we take the Bible literally instead of reading its sublime allegory, we start fighting over land.

Let the chariots of your mind be drowned in the sea of grace. Have a blessed Passover.