Shadow Patch

The news of the world isn't good. Has it ever been? No, there's just more of it, more coverage, more electronic hyper-vigilance. This doesn't enhance our consciousness; it merely causes collective secondary post-traumatic stress. How arrogant to assume that it is my personal duty to save the earth. God hasn't called me to be a savoir, but to eat from my own bowl, to tend the sacred patch of ground covered by my own shadow, and to welcome all wanderers who pass through here with love. If we all practice a little hospitality as we wander through each others shadows, that would be enough... Then again, if you want to save this world, which is never the actual world, but the world created out of media images for your anxious and thirsty consumption, good luck.

Liminal Things

A list of eleven liminal things
that aren't things
because they are both
physical and metaphysical:
1. Light
2. Breath
3. A dolphin's smile
4. The eye of a fawn
5. The new moon
6. The silence in a song circle
just after the song
7. Fireflies
8. An old book of poems found 

in the attic on a rainy afternoon
9. Fragrances of the abandoned garden
10. The electric brain that lets go of thinking
11. A loon

I would have added the September mist over salal and huckleberries 
in a stand of hemlock, but it settled into my marrow and made me long
for a body of fur...

Photo: late summer hike on Mount Tahoma


Blue Wine

I am inebriated
with the blue wine
of your lotus eyes.
Can I ever explain
how deep inside me
you are?
Surely, this is the Other. 
It is proven by the music
of the flute.
All these lifetimes
I thought it was
my breath,
but it is yours...

Friendly Water for the World

If I could show you the blue
eternity in the jewel,
the sky in my heart,
if I could show you the story
of the stars in my breath,
we would dissolve
into each other.
But I cannot show you.
I can only tell you
one word: Love.
Yet the word is not enough.
Let it become a deed.
Let become a gift.
Let it quench your thirsty lips -
pure water.

Friendly Water for the World: 
A great cause, created by Quakers
in Olympia, WA.
Please Give! LINK


One moment of pure awareness, free from thought, is worth more than all the scriptures.

One moment of pure awareness, free from thought, is worth more than science.

One moment of pure awareness, free from thought, is worth more than the lessons of history.

One moment of pure awareness, free from thought, is a diamond containing the light of every good deed.

One moment of pure awareness, free from thought, is the blue sky of eternity, beyond the clouds of time.

One moment of pure awareness, free from thought, is the brilliance of all stars and the voluptuous darkness between them.

One moment of pure awareness, free from thought, is the seed of matter and the black hole at the center of every galaxy.

One moment of pure awareness, free from thought, is the necter of silence between death and birth.

One moment of pure awareness, free from thought, is both the Lover and the Beloved.

Drown in this ocean of nectar, pure awareness, free from thought. Fall in love with what is loving.


One Breath

Perfectly at ease in a world of imperfections, Love feels no compunction to change what is constantly changing and dissolving anyway. This is all a net made of water.

At the instant when formless Beauty takes the form of a leaf, a pebble, or a human face, She whispers this secret verse: "Just as it is, just as it is..." Why not listen to that whisper? After all, it is your breath. Every moment, millions of parched lips press the rim of your heart-chalice, thirsty for what pours down from the fountain behind you eyes, overflowing into the world. Why not be the fermenter of darkness, the wine steward of Christ-Consciousness?

You are infinitely younger than your thoughts about time. If you drown in the unfathomable distance between one end of a raindrop and the other, you will hear the cries and songs of countless unborn children, whose bodies are like pollen suspended in sap. What can their tears tell you? How to float in a sea of wonder. What will you learn from their songs? How lucky you are to be on earth.

Listening to Frog Silence

Listening to frog silence in the wetlands at 3 A.M. I seem to hear the elemental murmur of ancient lovers, bijas of Bhavam Bhavani, Lord Shiva and Mother Divine, exchanging sighs, all landscape imbued with mantra, So’Ham.

Shiva says, " I am the light, you are the darkness; we arise from the same ineffable sweetness." Parvati says, "I am the darkness, you are the light, we are a spiral entwined at the center of every atom."

Shiva whispers, "You tremble in my stillness." Parvati responds, "Your stillness is inside me, and I dance."

Shiva murmurs, "Your name, my syllable of silence." Parvati replies, "My breath, your music."

"Shhhh!" says the Beloved, his finger on her lips, but She undulates upward untamed, a spilling stream of melted bells, a whorl of nectar effervescing stars.

All night, the twin chambers of my heart share their wine. Lover and Beloved pillow their heads on my chest, weave their whisper into mist, into wind and greening forest, into rain into wood into fur into stone into the river carpeted with lilies unfolding under the passionate cry of raven at first light…

Never underestimate the murmur of lovers, the conversation of the sun and moon, enfolded in seeds of prayer. Oh never say that when they whisper in your blood, words do not create the world!