Let your exhalation be a forest spring
gushing under ferns.
Let your breath become a pair of wrens
building their nest in the gables
of a cottage where the guests
will soon arrive.
Let your inhalation be
the rain-laden breeze
passing over sleeping lovers,
pressed curve to curve.
I also pray for your eyes, closed yet
gazing into themselves, your
nostrils and lips, moved by a dream.
Let your breath be a summer vacation
in the climate of your body.
Where else will you find the sun?
Hang this sign on your forehead:
'Closed for Renovation,'
and this one, 'Open,' on your heart.
You will never stop working, not really.
But all motion might be a trip to the sea
and a quiet journey home.
This dream has no end, no beginning.
But after a nap, you could wake up inside
and just watch the waves play.



All points of view are just that - infinitesimal points effervescing and dissolving in clear boundless space. Each has some momentary "truth." What was your point of view last year? Last week? Half an hour ago? What happens to your most passionate political or spiritual point of view when you go to sleep? Are you really just a tiny fleeting dot? Or are you space itself, ever-expanding infinity of pure awareness, where all points dance and dissolve into silence? When more and more of us realize that we are simply this space, a deep Listening will pervade every atom of the earth, and conflict will evaporate in compassion.

The I Particle

The only objective "fact" I can find is that there is no object. The "objective" world is all consciousness. And until consciousness realizes its Self, this mind will be mesmerized by an ever-changing mirage of opinion that it mistakes for "reality."

The world is a kaleidoscope of fleeting images reflecting what is happening inside us, not what is happening out in any realm of objects. When consciousness realizes its Self however, it solidifies into the diamond radiance that outshines matter. This is what Jesus meant when he said, "I have overcome the world" (John 16:33).
The great paradox is that modern science, founded on "objectivity," impels us toward this very vision. Quantum physics reveals that the world is really not made of so-called "matter," but vibrating information, whose only substance is mathematical probability.
This vision is not new, but ancient. Thousands of years ago, the Vedic rishis declared that every apparently material particle is just "gyan-ganu," condensed awareness.

We are not looking for the God-particle. We are looking for the I-particle. And the I-particle consists of that which is looking for it.