Savor Eternity One Moment At A Time

A poem can be a door to the field of the heart, which enfolds the whole earth in its energy. We need short moments throughout the day when we pause to sink into this field, which is Eternal Life. Here's a poem from my new book, 'Savor Eternity One Moment At A Time.' LINK
The collage is from the companion volume, a beautiful art-book by Rashani Réa called 'Shimmering Birthless.' LINK
Nothing is wrong.
You have never not been free.
This is the good news.
Every photon of your flesh
is the boundless sky.
This is the good news.
You lost yourself
in the shadow of beauty
so that beauty might
find you again.
There is no bad news.
Healing comes
from a heartbroken place
where you’ve breathed out
everything you carried.
Stay there.
The next breath
is God’s love.


Beauty Alone

Is there not a secret relationship between beauty and aloneness? Beauty is the fragrance of solitude.
A lovely thing is utterly unique, a singularity set like a jewel at the center of its own energy field. Yet that impeccable aloneness is never lonely, because a beautiful creature is united, through the field of its beauty, with every awakened heart. Nor is your heart ever alone, even in solitude. For when you rest your gaze, your hearing, or any sense upon a thing of beauty, you become the whole field. You communicate that beauty everywhere, and uplift millions of souls.

3 A.M. You Fall

"I have only one confidant, and that is the silence of night." ~Søren Kierkegaard
3 a.m. You fall into the groundless abyss of the heart. You are a wounded darkness gushing light. Winter invites you in, a breath of silence, whispering, "Don't mistake emptiness for lack. Emptiness is rich."

You are here to be a light stream. But a stream only flows when there is an opening, and opening is emptying. How can light stream through you if you are not dark and hollow, like a root going down into the earth?

Our culture has become clogged with its own desperate seeking for something, anything, a "thing" to fill our space. But our space is sacred in its hollowness, free of content.

We have turned our experience of "emptiness" and "loss" into negatives, associated with poverty and lack. But our inherent lightness, our essential freedom, bubbles out of what isn't there, not what is. Even physics points to this truth: matter is mothered by the vacuum. A particle arises from a wave of no-thing.

Jesus "Blessed are the poor in spirit." He was not speaking of material poverty, but the sparkling self-radiance of an inner joy that does not depend on having, but Being.

Embrace loss and generate wealth from the empty bowl of your heart. Embrace darkness and become a stream of light.