Israel & Islamic Jihad

'Israel' in Hebrew does not mean a land or a nation. It literally means 'he has struggled with God.' It means exactly what 'Jihad' means in Arabic: 'Struggle for God.'

These sacred words do not refer to a patch of land, or to a religious war. Only the adolescent mind of the fundamentalist would so reduce and impoverish their meaning. Both terms describe our inward journey, often lonely, to lift the human heart beyond the ego, toward the beauty of the divine will, the will for peace and justice.

Remain Single

May the part of you that never gets married wed every lover on earth. The ceremony is bewilderment. Marry the honeysuckle and wild rose, marry the sound of a bumblebee in a late afternoon sunbeam. All through the black hours be wooed by the incoming tide; then consummate your silence with sunrise.

Though One and Two were never betrothed, marry the confusion. Your engagement ring is the uncut diamond hidden in a vein of sorrow. Polish it in your chest, with tumbling tears, until the water is quiet. Neither give nor receive that brilliance in marriage. Stay single, remain voluptuous.

Those who never knew this gratitude where questions simply don't arise, will ask how one virgin satisfies so many paramours. 

Don't tell them that the true bride is an exhalation of surrender, a golden body of breath stretching into fragrant darkness. Don't tell them that this silver-crowned gift-laden inhalation is the groom, who enters the garden through your open gate of prayer. 

Don't tell them how we meet in moonlit stillness. The heart is a lake. There seem to be twin swans. But this is one white feathered splendor, settling gently into its reflection, on the wedding night that never ends.



We live in the age of full disclosure, the celebration of exposure, scorning modesty, tearing off the garment of discretion in the name of "truth." It is fashionable to tell all, and this is confused with intimacy. So many of us are starved for beauty, because we have forgotten that beauty is the balance of revelation and concealment. Implication is the soul of charm. God hides in every creature through the power of modesty. Not by what is expressed, but by what remains hidden, art releases the fragrance of the infinite. In the silence between words, poetry happens. Let us 
not be in a hurry to reveal the Mysteries.


Rind and Fruit

The rind of life is rough, bitter or tasteless to protect the succulent softness within. That is the way of all ripe fruit. We don't judge the banana or the mango as hard because the skin is inedible. We know how to peel the skin and taste the tender sweetness underneath. Grace of the Mother is to realize that all we need for this moment is already given. Only soften your gaze and see a little deeper.