Within emptiness
there is a deeper emptiness
full of love.
Go there
on the wings of
this breath...


Money turns the planet.
Words inform the mind.
Silence feeds the heart.
The tree is strong and hard.
The root is moist and supple.
The kernel is hollow.
To bear strong winds,
but rest in your root,
grounded in stillness.
Breathing will lead you
to your empty core.
Out of impeccable silence
comes your sweet
luscious greening.
Be who you Are and
let doing happen.


At some point it becomes so obvious. Conflict and violence in the world 'out there' are projections of conflict and violence in the mind. It is good that we have political activists, but we also need meditation guides to heal humanity from the root up.

No matter how hard the farmer works to prune and doctor the tree, sickness in the root produces sick flowers, sick fruit. In the Yoga Sutras, Patanjali said: "Heyam dukkham ana-ghatam: Avoid the suffering before it arises."
Heal from below.
Grow perfect flowers while
they’re still in the seed.