Said My Flesh To My Soul

'Yes, it is true,' said my flesh to my soul, 'every particle of matter is made
of the Mother. Every atom is a cathedral where pilgrims arrive from the stars
to celebrate this incarnation. You dwell in me as the warmth in a flame.
I irradiate the world with you. Let there be no more talk of our difference.'
My soul became silent, and knelt in the heart, and poured itself back into me,
as a breath into a breath.

Sublime Christmas music from early French composer Jean Mouton (b. 1459)


Why does the flame
in the temple of the heart
need no oil?
Because it drinks
the radiance
of the Self.

Never Alone

'Loneliness' is only a thought. You are never alone. Your breath connects you to the universe, and the universe whirls in your heart as a radiant Cloud of Witnesses: angels, Buddhas, all your ancestors, all your friends. Every inhalation is a wave of the omnipresent Creator's breath, and this Shakti animates each atom of flesh. A single photon is the communion of countless saints. Your body is made out of love. Believe this with your bones.