A Blinding Flash

It flashes out of the void
then vanishes
you said it wasn't real
you said that clinging 
to it was sorrow 
you attended long lectures
about its non-existence
weekend retreats to get
rid of what wasn't there
but at night alone you
often admitted to having
no idea what it is
where it comes from or
what this luminous darkness
means that fills you not
with dread so much as
ineffable yearning all you
really know is that your  
life is its perpetual echo
after image in the eye 
that cannot see out of
the dazzled blindness ripe
and desperate now why not
confess how much you need
the beloved?

I Did Not Know

Though we are an ocean
apart, if I hold you
in my heart's silence
perhaps we will meet
at the tip of this breath
as my sigh goes out
toward sunrise
where it is evening
for you, and you gaze
through your candle
toward me…
Miracle of sadness,
miracle of longing,
love is a shimmer
of transparency
in soft and faithful
absence, a touch
from afar.
Yet love is wayless
and very near.
I did not know how rich
my darkness was
until it burst into flame
with your presence.



Kindness is nearly impossible when I generalize, when I abstract humanity into groups - by religion, nation, class, or ethnicity. But kindness is a miracle of simple joy when I meet humanity in one person: the person who happens to be right in front of me now. This person is not black or white, rich or poor, Muslim or Christian, Syrian or American. This person is simply Thou.