Autumn Haiku

First rain in two moons.
Frogs rejoice in my garden,
voices of flowers.

Stumble into Balance

Too much order is paralyzing. Too much chaos is terrifying. Find the balance between order and chaos, just where breathing in becomes breathing out, where discipline becomes letting go, where you are neither on the left or the right but gently swaying, where you give up the argument for perfection, where you stumble into grace, and surrender to the gift of your dance.

Early Autumn Brunch

Earth our waitress comes
to the table in her rumpled apron
stained with a hundred juices.
"What will it be this morning?"
"Let's start with some mist
in one of those green valleys,
and a cup of black loam with
a single tree frog.
"Then fallen apples over easy
with extra worms,
a side of scattered leaves
in a caramelized sunbeam." 
"That comes with Summer's last
abandoned bird's nest salad," she says.
Or soup of the day, fern bog with
skunk cabbage and blue chanterelles." 
"I'll take the soup,
a half carafe of Autumn rain 
and a cruller the shape
of a groundhog's hole."
She remembers your order by heart.
She knows what you love.
Old ones come back to this place.
Then they bring grandchildren.
There's a line to get in.
Sometimes it seems
we have to wait a year,
but its worth it.