The Passion

Above all, the world needs passionate people: not people who are passionate about this political cause or that religious teaching, this candidate or that guru, this project or that movement, but passionate about Being, about Awakening, about this very Breath, this miraculous gaze into the eyes of a Friend. The only power that will not fade, will not be exhausted or shadowed by doubt, is passion for Presence itself. It is the Serpent Fire in your spine, the Beloved in your heart, the Dancer who whirls a double helix of stars out of your silence. This is the passion that will transform the earth.



I looked for 'non-duality'
but only found two,
the searcher and the sought…
So I stopped searching
and began to savor 
the hidden nectar of Life 
in every perception, chimes
of wine on my tongue,
melody of vanishing clouds,
taste of evening star,
amber glow
of owl song at midnight,
healing touch of
moon-kiss on my fontanel,
lonesome thighs
of blackness, yearning
curves of empty space
around the galaxy: in each
dissolving multitudinous touch
a quivering continuum,
the one invisible tincture  
of my awareness,
and yours...


Seva Smile

One way to perform great Seva, great service to humanity, is to be happy right now for no reason, and smile authentically from your heart.