September 21

Last day of summer, the day when the ray returns to the Sun, the day you remember, you are not a seeker of the Light, you Are the Light. Any Autumn rose could tell you this through its fiery silence, offering fallen petals back to a golden intuition. Be that way, just notice. This is all that is required of you today. Just notice, and be grateful.

Open Secrets for Every Child of the Coming Age

These are the joyous principles that every child needs to learn before their teachers and their schools burden them with any other knowledge.

1. The Radiance of the Divine is not above you, not beyond you, not after your death. It shines from the center of your own heart, now. You are not a reflection of the Light, a seeker of the Light, or an offspring of the Light: you ARE the Light.

2. To begin to be human, to begin your duty on earth, you need a daily practice of meditation that is effortless, natural, energizing, a quiet time dawn and sunset, when you allow your body, your mind, and breath to sink into the Radiance at the center of your heart. This will attune you to your Source. Every good thing you do for humanity will come from this connection to deep inner silence.

3. Doubtless there are great injustices and obstacles in the world, but your life will never evolve as long as you waste your days blaming the "other" for your difficulties. A life stuck in blaming the forces outside you is a life that has not begun to live itself.

4. You only blossom as You by taking personal responsibility for the present situation, remembering always that in the complex sequence of causes that brought you to this moment, the primary cause was a choice that you made with your own free will.

5. Your capacity to heal the earth is in direct proportion to your capacity for Wonder. The most creative state of your mind is not a state of knowledge or belief, but a state of Wonder. Let yourself dissolve, from moment to moment, into Wonder. You are not your Self when you cling to an image, an ideal, or a belief. You are your Self when you dissolve. This is true faith.



If we humans annihilate
it is comforting to know
that the little green frogs
who squat in the land
of my flower pots,
singing all night,
will inherit the earth.
Bless them.
Perhaps they will do 

a better job,
don't you think?

O Gentle Green

O gentle green intelligence of frog, fern, cedar, hummingbird, how beautiful earth must have been when it was all yours, before the invasive species, the Mind, descended to infest your forest with concepts, like profit, property, and private wealth. How lovely earth was without usefulness, without thought of future reward, without any thought at all!

Now the work is to eradicate this foreign species, Mind, to weed out and destroy its seeds, its concepts, until we are able to perceive again, through no medium but wonder, in silence, the gentle green intelligence of frog, fern, cedar, hummingbird - rainbow wings of pure light, trembling out of purer darkness.


Be Sad

If you are sad, just be sad. Suffering does not happen when we are faithful to our sadness. Suffering happens when we are sad, and try not to be.

We are conditioned to believe that it is wrong to be sad. We live in a culture of compulsive happiness. It is like saying that the light of Spring is good while the light of Autumn is bad,  or that, when a sunbeam touches your golden body, you should not cast a shadow.

Embrace the bud of your sadness for a little while; it will open into something unimaginable. You will never attain this unimaginable something by resisting your sadness, only by drowning in it, tasting its nectar, letting it ferment.

Light of the Body

Perhaps the saddest thing about our religious traditions is their failure to glorify the human body as the temple where God and Goddess meet to dance round the fruit-bearing tree of the spine, uniting in the bridal chamber of the heart.

Instead, Western religions have covered the body with a veil of shame, while the so-called "non-dualists" of the Eastern traditions insist that "I am not this body."

Oh yes I Am.

I Am the Body, I Am the Radiance around the body, and I Am the energy field of this beating bloody heart that extends beyond the stars, enfolding the farthest galaxies.

I Am the Body, located right here, and I Am the non-localized ocean of light into which each quantum particle of the body dissolves this instant. My body is a holographic matrix of resonant emptiness containing all the information in the cosmos, and the death of my body is but a return of these ripples in space-time to their stillness. Nothing is lost, nothing is added. When we cease clinging to what dissolves, the body no more limits the Spirit than a mirage limits the blue and boundless sky. Each electron in my flesh contains a charge of electricity, a charge of Shakti, a charge of bio-stellar Glory, greater than ten thousand suns.

This is no New Age talk. It is the teaching of ancient Yogis, and the teaching of the primitive Church. "Glorify God in your body!" clearly sings the New Testament. "Do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit?" (1 Cor. 6) In the 2nd Century, one of the first and greatest Christian theologians, Saint Athanasius, wrote: "God became human so that humanity could become divine."

The actual message of Jesus has nothing to do with shaming the body, and everything to do with celebrating the Incarnation. Jesus manifested a body to demonstrate that Spirit on Earth expresses her divine breath through the sacrament of human form. Here, the Word becomes flesh.

But after the Council of Nicaea in 325 C.E., theologians discovered that they could control their congregations through shame and guilt. The fundamentalist movements that resulted from this distortion of the original message all manifest violence, based on repression of the body. They mutilate the myth of Adam and Eve to suggest that the "sin" was Eve's, a sin of sexual temptation. However, there is nothing in the original story to suggest this at all. The "Fall" was not sexuality or embodiment. It was our descent into a mind of apparent separateness, magnified by shame.

This rupture of our wholeness results in a chain reaction of illusions, all existing in the mind, generating a culture of conflict: the illusory alienation of humanity from God, man from woman, soul from flesh, heaven from earth. When these illusions dissolve, does it not become clear that there is only one "sin"? To tear asunder our immediate intuition of unity. The oneness of spirit, breath, and body is our original innocence in the Garden, the wholeness of the incarnate Christ, and the actual definition of "yoga."

Ironically, in the present age, those who recall us to our original innocence are not so often the ministers, imams and rabbis of religion, but the poets, novelists, and artists of the world.  In the words of the sublime but under-appreciated novelist, E. M. Forster: "The Garden of Eden, which you place in the past, is really yet to come. We shall enter it when we no longer despise our bodies."  (A Room With A View, chapter 12) And the wonderful Mr. Emerson who makes this statement goes on to say that, when man and woman enter the Garden, they will enter as "comrades," absolutely equal.

Picture: a scene from the the film version, "A Room With A View"

Do you practice your sadhana
For any reason other
that melting into Presence?