Poem Before Dawn

Doing is yours.
I accomplish nothing
but take your hand
and softly lure you
to the stillness that
surrounds every battle,
encircles your loss,
enfolds you in what 

is so empty of things
it is filled
with the mystery
of kindness.
No suffering survives
this silence, Friend.
Very gently trust yourself.
Slip into the beauty
of the Witness.

The moth of attention
rests in the flame,
yet lives.


What To Sing

Merge with your doubt.
Become one with
Past and future
are too heavy to bear,
but in this moment
you are weightless,
at home with loss,
every atom filled with
the empty sky.
Moved by the stillness
of your Mother's breath,
fall into dancing and sing,
'I don't know!'

Painting: Hafiz by Mahmoud Farshchian



Only 1% of our genes come from our parents, and most of that we share with a host of animals. The other 99% are microbial.

Our human bodies are gossamer veils covering vast colonies of microbes. And the elements that make us all were forged with the galaxies long before the earth was born.

Biologically, race does not exist. Geneticists have provided all the evidence that there is no "white" race and no "black" race. Europeans are made of genetic streams from other continents, and so are Africans. The notion of independent "races" is a political construct invented by the ego-mind that loves separateness. We are richer than this.

One human family, one earth tribe, one cosmic clan, we are all rainbows, great grandchildren of the stars.

The solution is not for each "race" to fight for its political rights, but for each human being to dissolve the ego-mind, and dwell like wine in this exquisite earthen cask - with hints of mahogany and rose, caramel and citrus, oak and apple wood. Every one of us is cosmic consciousness incarnate.