I am not a white.
I am not a black.
I am not of this tribe
or that nation.
I am not a goat or sheep
but this particular creature,
nostrils flaring,
hallowed to selfhood
by brief sensation.
I have musk and spoor
that is not like yours.
My skin bristles with
all the colors of the earth.
This quivering solitary
asymmetric horn-racked
I am.

And my personhood

will not be immersed

in the herd.

Creation Is Existence

Creation is existence becoming aware of its Self.

Though empty of form and content, pure existence simply overflows with the immaterial energy of its own bliss in the diamond wonder of self-awareness.

Then the fullness of emptiness spills in waves and particles of "matter." And in the profusion of bliss, there is no external agent or "creator." Existence itself is the creator.

The dance of Goddess Shakti is an intrinsic virtual reality in the stillness of Shiva, who is pure awareness.

And in this deep silence, the play of the entire creation, with its infinite past and endless future, is an infinitesimal seed just waiting to be ignited by wonder.

Dear one, where is the silence if not inside you? Be astonished. When you are astonished, you create the universe.


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