Fall, Bow

Every time a human says,
"I was wrong,"
a bell rings in the stars
and a thousand angels
fall on their knees...
Every time a human says,
"I don't know,"
there is silence in heaven
and God bows down with awe.



There is an unmapped wilderness in your heart that the intellect can never find. The intellect only wants to remain in boundaries, definitions, civilized properties deeded and owned: mine and yours.
But to enter the heart is to get lost in the intimacy of the Unknown. Follow Lao'tzu there, not by looking for the Master's path, but by plunging into your own green undergrowth, where there is no path at all. Leave the empire where you never were, and come to the forest where you already are. God has no name. She is the wild green spirit of the heart.


Deep pain in my heart tonight. America needs a new concept of justice, one that does not entail getting back, getting even, or getting revenge. Let justice be consumed in compassion. Every person, black or white, Christian or Muslim, rich or poor, is equally and incomparably precious in the eyes of the Divine. Because our souls, in fact, are made of the very light through which God sees.