Is There A Plan?

"Unforeseen events operate in the evolution of immortality." - Thomas Hardy

We usually consider two options. (1) There is a God with a Great Plan. (2) There is no God. But consider this: (3) God exists as pure Love, with no plan at all. We're just free.

Note the freedom movement in Iran. Is there a plan? No. It's simply happening. But in that happening there is great courage, and great love. In the words of Shri Shri Gurudev, "There may be bliss in chaos."

The ones with a Plan are those in priestly robes, or white lab coats with clip boards in their hands. So it is in every fascist state, religious or secular. The Great Plan comes from human minds who want control. God is never on their side.

God is with the crazy people, who dance. God is with the mad ones, who love. God is with Neda, randomly shot in the streets of Tehran while walking with her music teacher. Her name means, 'a Voice, a Song.'

Love plans nothing, yet percolates through all that happens, offering us an opportunity, if we chose, to make meaning of the smallest flower, the darkest moment. In this dark moment, God revealed Her face, lifted Her voice, and chose Her prophet.