Cosmic Eros

"Man has no Body distinct from his Soul: for that called Body is a portion of Soul discerned by the five senses, the chief inlets of Soul in this age. " (William Blake)

"Eternity was in our lips and eyes." (Shakespeare)

You are invited to relax and expand through your senses. Each of your senses - hearing, seeing, taste, touch, smell - is a spectrum of consciousness that widens from the dense physical organ in your body to all-pervading space, embracing the galaxies. You may release yourself now from constricted, obsessive, genital-centered sexuality to Cosmic Eros.

Cosmic Eros is the sensation that irradiates the universe. Cosmic Eros is non-localized: it overflows the locus of the bodily organ. Cosmic Eros spills from each rain drop and star, each budding twig and human cell. Just as sap permeates the stem, leaf and petal of a flower, Cosmic Eros saturates the world. Enlivening all who are graced with embodiment, Cosmic Eros is the out-flowing sensuality of the in-dwelling Spirit. Relaxed and released, taste holy intimacy, delight in reverent flirtation with all creatures.

In a previous age of temples and priests, this loving Christ-Consciousness was explained as a sacrifice, offered once and for all time. In this age of culturally-induced sexual obsession, we must use a new metaphor: orgasm. You may relax your attention from its bondage in bodily organs, and expand in the divine orgasm that has always already happened.

This is no mere metaphor. For too long we have separated erotic sensation from the soul. But they are one unified field: energy and its radiance. Delight need not be imprisoned in the groin, or the eye, or the tongue. "Taste and see that the Lord is good," says Psalm 38. Tasting from the Tree of Life, enjoy the enlightened sensuality of Adam and Eve before the fall.

Breathe Cosmic Energy upward from the earth into your heart. Breathing out, release this warmth into every cell of your flesh. Feel it radiate beyond your skin into the air, into the home, into field and forest, mountains and clouds. Breathe your delight into the stars, vibrating in the boundless vacuum of space.

You are the honey that soaks the hive, no longer confined to particular cells. Rest in the space of awareness itself, with no compulsion to grasp any concept about it. This is pure relief: the "salvation" that has already happened! Then discover, in the depths of that silence, a downy softness overflowing from no center. Let emptiness express the sap.

Heaven and earth are not separated by anything but a thought. But in the self-effulgent silence and relief of Cosmic Eros, there is no thought. Perceived through a glistening dewdrop of this love, earth is a garden, God is the Spring. Are the garden and the Springtime two?