"The most difficult part of loving is learning to tolerate the helplessness we feel in the face of a loved one's suffering." (Dr. Sheldon Kopp)

Sometimes we're not called to heal a family member or a sea turtle, or to change them, or to lay on some glib enlightenment: but simply to be present to their pain. This is difficult, because it requires humility.

    The answer to every question is NO. Then, when the mind is still, let the N melt away.

    Friends, how many sets of wings we are, all bearing one weightless soul, who circumscribes the cosmos in a lovely Zero, going nowhere, equaling nothing.

    Of course the Zero's emptiness is not nothing, but everything, a vibrant churning sea of virtual selves, fluctuations of the vacuum, where we are both wave and particle, each at our base the ocean of all yet at our peak a particular person. We don't dance with each other. We dance in each other.

Ancient Way, Eternal Way

There are two spiritual ways, an ancient way and an eternal way. The eternal way is refreshment in the wellspring of the present moment. Therefor, the eternal way is always new. The eternal way has nothing to do with time.

The ancient way is embedded in time. It is the way of religion, the way of form, the way of formal spirituality. The ancient way can be quite beautiful, as long as one doesn't remain encased in words and images of the past.

I am a chrysalis. My religion is the cocoon in which the chrysalis safely germinates its spirit. The chrysalis takes the cocoon's shape until it is strong enough to spread translucent wings and soar in the vast blue sky, which is the space of my own awareness. In that moment of emergence, I leave the ancient way and enter the eternal.

The ancient way is a story. The story of the ancient way is about the past and the future, yet strangely silent about the present. The eternal way is not a story, and it is all about now.

The ancient way seeks light above. The eternal way finds light within.

The ancient way is rooted in the word. The eternal way is rooted in silence.

The ancient way is straight and narrow. The eternal way is round.

The ancient way fears opposites. The eternal way unites opposites.

The ancient way struggles with doubt. The eternal way embraces doubt, and doubt dissolves.

The ancient way is the one and only way. The eternal way is the way of every human heart to itself.

The teacher of the ancient way declares, 'I am the Light.' The teacher of the eternal way declares, 'You are Light.'

The eternal way is older than the ancient way, for it has no beginning.

The Energy of Tomorrow is Within
Consciousness vibrates.  Even when thought-free and still, the silence of consciousness is alive.

The inner vibrancy of awareness is life itself, pulsing in sutras of pure knowledge, which are the very laws of physics that create a material universe out of the void.

Sutra is the Sanskrit root of the English suture, a thread. These threads in the fabric of consciousness correspond to the strings of energy in the String Theory of contemporary physics: strings that intertwine multiple dimensions of space and time to form virtual particles in the vacuum of empty space. From this churning sea of silence, this subatomic symphony in the heart of emptiness, each particle of so-called matter arises to manifest our cosmos.

Space is awake with energy. An infinitesimal point in empty space is a portal to limitless light & immeasurable electricity. The void is vibrant with virtual particles, fluctuations of the vacuum. From here we will draw the energy of the future. This source is as much within as without, for the living vacuum is not only the womb of matter: it is pure awareness.

As you affirm this possibility, you help to actualize the new technology. Meditators who explore the science of consciousness, and physicists who explore the science of matter, will join hearts in visionary research to provide abundant, clean, absolutely free energy to the world.

Don't worry. The energy of tomorrow is within you. Use this crisis as a moment of awakening to reflect, recharge and re-create the earth.
"All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force. We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent Mind. This Mind is the matrix of all matter." (Max Planck)

"The physical vacuum. carries within itself the possibilities of everything that can exist in the physical world. Once we attain true knowledge of the vacuum, we will have a comprehensive knowledge of everything, including the laws of nature. It is as in the thinking of the ancient philosophers. The knowledge of the void, the Nothing, is intimately connected with the knowledge of the Something. We take it as a matter of course that empty space is not really empty." (Henning Genz, professor of theoretical physics, University of Karlsruhe, Germany)

Further reading:
* 'On the Nature of the Vacuum'
From Iona Miller's 'Virtual Physics' website

* Henning Genz: Nothingness: The Science of Empty Space

* Physics and Creation: Quotes from the Great Physicists


 "Fill the earth and subdue it. Rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air and over every living creature that moves on the ground." (Genesis 1:28)

My intellect filters out glory. I measure every appearance in relation to a thought, an ideal that only exists in my mind. I strain the ocean of the incomprehensible through a gray shroud of rationality, and try to rise above the world in my lonely tower of dominion, imagining that God created me to rule, to subdue, and thus to be separate...

But what would I behold if I threw away my little cup and ceased to measure the sea? What would I feel if I let waves of Radiance crash over me, wordless and ineluctable, as on the first morning when Adam had not yet tamed the world with names? Which luminous toenail or freakish twig, which mistaken tweet of random rapture in the song of robins, which byte of glorious star spam overloading night with the silent beauty of useless information, what golden follicle of poodle's hair would I worship in this fallen moment, just as it is, set free from the sin of comparison, knowing beyond thought the simple Truth that nothing is better, nothing is worse, all is damned to perfection, equally tainted with Grace?
Painting: Roger Vandersteene, Provincial Museum of Alberta; 'Creation' melds biblical narratives with rich symbolism of the Cree tribal people.

Don't Settle

Don't settle for what is possible. It's been done. Don't stop at wind, sun, tides, or even the atomic nucleus. Go a little deeper, just beneath the surface of sensation in your body, just beneath the chatter of thoughts in your mind, lies a field of untapped abundance: clean, free, ever joyous. This is the energy of living silence, the infinite energy-source of the future.


Great spiritual philosophers say, "You are not this body." But I joyfully confess, I AM this body, every sacred atom of it, and every photon of my flesh is a portal to God.

To A Young Man


Young man, don't be swayed

by the old tribal story, the myth

that manhood must be tested in war

by killing other men.

It is not so.

Men are born brothers.

Cain's rage was his weakness,

not a strength.

Letting elders tell your fate is folly.

Presence is freedom.

Stand here.

Un-choose the ancient tale.

Now, create a new man.

Make peace.