When the radiance of the Seer outshines the Seen, how could there be fear or craving? Don't wait for dawn. You are the dawn.

In the previous age, we experienced our thoughts and perceptions as foreground, while Consciousness was background. We were not even aware of Consciousness as the energy-field in whom thoughts and perceptions arise. Now we evolve to a completely new alignment. Consciousness is foreground, thought and perception background.
It is as if we have been focusing only on the passing clouds, and now we become aware of the sky that contains them, transcends them, expands into infinity far beyond them. In fact, the clouds are but fleeting wisps of sky, ever condensing and dissolving. So all the forms of our thought and perception, even the world around us, are but wisps of Consciousness that dance like a mirage in the luminous transparency of the Self.

The world exists so that we may become aware of it, and then become aware of awareness itself, and thus be liberated by the very forms that appeared to overshadow and bind our awareness.
The physicist need not look for a God-particle, but an I-particle, wave-form of his own awareness. 
As an object, creation is the refulgence of Consciousness, and exists for the liberation of the subject. Matter appears to be the stuff of the world, but is composed of radiant subjectivity. To see this is to become the infinite light that cannot be overshadowed by the darkness of any finite form. To see this is to become boundless in the play of boundaries, living in the world but not of the world.
This is what Christ meant when he said, "I have overcome the world."

End Violence Now

Gently, effortlessly put an end to violence before it even arises. Taste your true nature, resting in deep meditation each morning and evening. For joy is your true nature, and violence cannot arise from joy.


All points of view are just that - infinitesimal points effervescing and dissolving in clear boundless space. Each has some momentary "truth." What was your point of view last year? Last week? Half an hour ago? What happens to your most passionate political or spiritual point of view when you go to sleep? Are you really just a tiny fleeting dot? Or are you space itself, ever-expanding infinity of pure awareness, where all points dance and dissolve into silence? When more and more of us realize that we are simply this space, a deep Listening will pervade every atom of the earth, and conflict will evaporate in compassion.

The I Particle

The only objective "fact" I can find is that there is no object. The "objective" world is all consciousness. And until consciousness realizes its Self, this mind will be mesmerized by an ever-changing mirage of opinion that it mistakes for "reality."

The world is a kaleidoscope of fleeting images reflecting what is happening inside us, not what is happening out in any realm of objects. When consciousness realizes its Self however, it solidifies into the diamond radiance that outshines matter. This is what Jesus meant when he said, "I have overcome the world" (John 16:33).
The great paradox is that modern science, founded on "objectivity," impels us toward this very vision. Quantum physics reveals that the world is really not made of so-called "matter," but vibrating information, whose only substance is mathematical probability.
This vision is not new, but ancient. Thousands of years ago, the Vedic rishis declared that every apparently material particle is just "gyan-ganu," condensed awareness.

We are not looking for the God-particle. We are looking for the I-particle. And the I-particle consists of that which is looking for it.

Presence Is Power

Yes, I believe in a "Supreme Being." Why? Because I taste Presence.
Presence is power. Presence is the creator. Presence is eternity. Not that God has been present here or there in history, in a holy place or person, a Buddha or a Christ, but that God is always now. And wherever you are fully present, God is.


Of all the phenomena that cynics call "new age" or "touchy feely," simply because they haven't yet had the direct experience, the most concrete, transforming, and real is "the opening of the Heart."
Nothing is more essential for the survival of humanity at this critical moment in history than to awaken the Hridaya-center in our psycho-physical energy field, the Heart. That will transmute lead to gold. That will evolve the planet.

Seattle Event (7/30): Poetry & Meditation

East West Bookshop: event LINK
More than a poetry reading, this is a Sat-Sang and meditation experience to open your heart and awaken your own Soul Poem. Whether you are a 'writer' or not, your soul has a poem to share!


Peace is not a dream. Violence was the dream.

The Peace revolution will not happen in government or in the streets, in symbolic vigils or incremental acts of legislation. ThePeace revolution will come through an opening of the Heart in hundreds of millions of ordinary citizens, bringing a substantial shift in consciousness and an actual transformation in the energy of the earth.

In the twinkling of an eye, we wake from the nightmare of war, and simply drop the illusion that our problems can ever be solved with weapons or with war. The real peace work is awakening.

O Surrenderer!

O surrenderer, martyr yourself!
Die for love and become
a purple anemone of the Negev.
Be dew on a scarlet poppy
dissolving in the sun.

O Surrenderer, make the haj,
the journey from grape to wine.
Leave your father's encampment
in the dry hills of the forehead
and wander into the valley
of your chest.

Circumambulate the heart's black stone
and change it to flesh.
Meet every mother's child
dressed in a pilgrim's gown like yours.

O Surrenderer,
give the alms of your breath
to the poverty of yearning.
Laugh five thousand times today,
for laughter is the secret prayer
revealed on the day of judgment.

Let Joy convert the nations
and gather the ummat al-mu'min─źn,
not by the sword, but by soft words
in the book of healing
lettered with flames all murmuring
out of a single sound, Salam.

It is good to fast from violence,
O Surrenderer,
dawn to dusk.
Refrain from doing harm to yourself: 
that is the real Sawm.
When our mind does no violence
to our heart, we treat others
with dignity.

O Surrenderer, martyr yourself
for peace.
Does your own beauty not shine
like the golden sun
from the face of your enemy?

Where Is Pope Francis?

Where is Pope Francis? Has he been silenced by the Church? Or have we silenced the part of ourselves that he embodies?

Is white death bleaching the coral reefs? Or have we ceased to nurture the dark abundant waters of our own body?

Does a violent terrorist attack our nation? Or do we see the face of our own anger in the shadows?
Isn't it obvious? Those who feel such a visceral hatred of gay people that they must punish and kill them, really punish that in themselves which they cannot embrace.
Who is Donald Trump? The contraction of the American heart against its own pulse of inevitable expansion.

As for the summer rose, once open, it can never close. Our duty is to boldly savor the beauty of the Possible.

It is time to drown in the fragrance of the great Mother.

When You Wake Said The Fool

"When you wake," said the Fool, "sing before thinking."

"That's impossible!" I answered, "I'd need a thought to remind me."

"Not if you fall asleep with the name of the Beloved under your pillow," answered the Fool.

So night after night I lay my head down upon the holy names: Krishna, Jesus, Ha'Shem, Tara, and 99 names of Allah. But when I awoke, I forgot to sing...
Then one evening when the moon was full, I pillowed the whole universe on my heart and cried, "I Am!" All night I went on breathing, "I Am, I Am, I Am..."

Now my waking is a song of light. I am the dawn. Each breath is a synonym for the Lord, whose name is too secret, too voluptyous, to be spoken. 

Friend, remember your given name. 


Nothing is wrong.
You have never not been free.
This is the good news.
Every photon of your flesh
is the boundless sky.
This is the good news.
You lost yourself
in the shadow of beauty
so that beauty might
find you again.
There is no bad news.
Healing comes
from a heartbroken place
where you’ve breathed out
everything you carried.
Stay there.
The next breath
is God’s love.


"All thy waves and billows have swept over me!" ~Psalm 42:7

We don't get what we search for. We don't even get what we deserve. We get the ocean of God's love every moment of every day. But it comes to us in waves too full of paradox and too big for the tiny cup of this mind. Just accept that every moment is an overwhelming wave of divine Grace, and you will be closer to Truth than any scientist or philosopher.