Om Ah Hung: Tibetan New Year, Feb. 25

"Hatred cannot conquer hatred. Hatred is only conquered by love." (Dhammapada of Buddha)

"Have compassion for your enemy, and pray for those who persecute you." (Gospel of Christ)

We meditate for the earth's oppressed on the Tibetan New Year, February 25. For them we chant, Om Ah Hung. We remember those whom the world has forgotten.

We remember the sufferings of Buddhists in Tibet, of Baha'i in Iran, of Christians in China, of Palestinians and Jews in the troubled lands of Gaza, Israel and the Left Bank of the Jordon. We remember all who suffer in Dafur, Zaire, the Sudan, in Iraq and Afghanistan. We remember the sufferings of New Orleans. We call to mind those who are dear to us, speaking their names or holding them silently in the light of compassion....

May the fruits of our meditation nourish not only the oppressed but the oppressors, whose minds are confused through lack of peace, whose deeds are bitter through lack of joy, who project the shadows of their fear upon the innocent through lack of heart. We bless all with the sacred syllables, Om Ah Hung: instruments of transformation bequeathed to every religion and culture by ancient guides enlightened in the science of consciousness.

With deep breath in the body and awareness filling space, we chant Om. Resonating in the brow, it illuminates all sentient beings with healing sky-blue radiance. Om... Peace.

With deep breath in the body and awareness filling space, we chant Ah, opening the throat, expanding the chest, sending forth yellow beams like sunlight. Ah... May all beings be happy.

With deep breath in the body and awareness filling space, we chant Hung. This primordial sound eternally hums like a gong struck in our hearts before the dawn of creation. It causes the heart to glow, spreading its flame-colored warmth into every atom of the earth, granting strength to all beings. Through this syllable, we are rooted and grounded in truth, and fearlessly committed to justice. Hung... So be it, on earth as in heaven.

Thrice now we chant these syllables together, blessing ourselves and others, those who suffer and those who cause suffering. Om Ah Hung... Om Ah Hung... Om Ah Hung... Be peaceful. Be happy. May our hearts be free from fear. Svaha!