Awake (A Poem from 'The Nectar of this Breath')

As you awaken, just
before the mind of yesterday
falls like a net of stones
behind your eye,
be weightless.
Be Presence without a story.
How your soul looks
in that mirror
when it sees itself!
What gets you out of bed,
dancing like a wild
purple iris in the breeze
of your own inhalation!
It doesn't matter at all
what you will do for
a living today.
The priceless jewel
is just living.
It doesn't matter at all
how much money
you will make today.
Your body is more
precious than sunlight.
Your sternum is beaten
from finer gold.
Whether you feed
the multitudes today
or only wash the dishes
makes no difference at all.
What matters is to plunge
down the stem of this unfolding
meditation flower,
to follow the thunderbolt
in your backbone
all the way home
to silence,
to drop the terrible fairy tale
of last week's anger.
The mirage of sorrow
vanishes in clarity,
your heart the whole sky,
empty and blue.
Love doesn’t need a story.

Photo by Marney Ward

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