Here's my entry in the 'Personals' section at the back of the local newspaper : MHB Seeks SF. Mere Human Being Seeks Spiritual Friends.

For soul nourishment, I don't need another Guru with absolute authority. I don't need a savior or an avatar. Not even the second coming of Jesus. (Did he ever leave?) I need spiritual friends, peers, people with the courage to share doubt as well as exaltation, pain as well bliss, falling as well as getting high.

I just buried my parents' ashes under a willow tree by a pond in Pennsylvania. I don't want a new parent-figure, or a dependent child who makes a parent out of me. I want spiritual siblings.

I need to ground my bare feet in a circle, not climb a stairway to the stars. I'm no longer charmed by someone above, or seduced by someone below, on the ladder of souls. I need you beside me, walking this pathless path that leads us to the present moment.

Take my hand.


Robyn Coffman said...

Cool post.

Yeah, we all need to link arms, support and encourage each other and move forward together.


doris said...