Profit or Praise?

"You may eat from every tree in the garden, but not from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil; for on the day that you eat from it, you shall surely die." (Genesis 2:16)

What a beautiful place this planet would be if human beings had never been created!

I want to bow down and weep before the smallest living creature - a sea urchin, a beetle, a turtle egg barely stirring with its little load of miracle. Between my tears, I would attempt to say, "Forgive me, forgive me, I have destroyed paradise, your home!"

Yet imagining how green and luminous in untainted dew this earth would be without my rapacious species, I suddenly see that if man had never been, then no one would be aware of this place.

As each creature has its genius, there must be a creature for whom awareness is the sacred gift and sole mission. Else who would worship? Whose heart would overflow with gratitude? Whose wonder would offer creation back to the Creator in a praise song?

Mute creatures can do almost everything better than men. They hunt better and run faster, climb more nimbly and fly with their own wings. Their systems of navigation are more sophisticated, their hearing more subtle, their seeing more fine. Their nostrils work better than any technology.

But there is one thing the creatures, each with their particular duty, cannot do: one task they leave to us. And in the end, it's all we're really here for. Perhaps if we had done it more, instead of eating from that other tree to master all knowledge, we would be living in a purer world.

Our human duty is thanksgiving. We are here to praise, not profit.


Colleen Loehr said...

The heart is almost like an instrument with the music of adoration, wonder, amazement, worship, gratitude. "We are here for praise, not profit."- How true!

Lalita-"Peace Through Kindness" said...

Yes!! Thank you.