Relaxation Is Power

Relaxation is power. Total relaxation is cosmic power. In total relaxation, a heart beat incorporates all-pervading silence; each pulse musters the universe.
To relax in meditation is bliss. To relax in action is dance. To relax in work is success. Successful action is without tension.
Ego is nothing but tension in the system. To the degree that tension is reduced, ego dissolves. When there is no extraneous tension, there is no ego, and action arises from silence. The silence of the universe sings through every heartbeat to perform action. Then action is successful, free from the sense of a do-er.
relax into your work, act in freedom, dance, and the universe will breathe your success. You cannot accumulate karma when you relax in the midst of action, because you are not doing it.
 Of course, this is easier said than undone.

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