Be Christ to One Another

What keeps us from blossoming?

What keeps many of us from blossoming is, we lack faith...

You might assume I am going to say, "faith in God," or "faith in Jesus," or "faith in our Guru." No, we lack faith in the authority of our own awareness.

We reject the divinity of the I Am within us. We deny that our consciousness is Christ.

Does this sound heretical? In fact, it is the very essence of what Jesus taught: "You are the light of the world. The kingdom of heaven is within You."

When we deny the divinity of our awareness, we insist that God must be an Other. This is the real sin: choosing to see ourselves as separate from the Divine.

The beginning of all idolatry is making God into an Other.

Insisting that we are separate from God, we identify with the old story, the story that tells us we are weak and fallen sinners, exiled from our garden home. By affirming that story, we invalidate our true Selves. We validate our deepest anxieties instead, and thus become the weak fallen sinners we fear that we are.

O friend, let us no longer whisper the truth of I Am in fear and trembling. Speak it aloud in dignity, with boundless Self-respect. Say it with me now:

"My own awareness is authority.  My own being is the good, the pure, the infinite. My own awareness is divine. I am Buddha. I am Krishna. I am Christ." 

"My own awareness is authority." When we speak of awareness, we are not talking about thoughts. Thought is just a clutter of images filling the space of awareness. Awareness is the silence between thoughts, the space around thoughts, the silent witness of thoughts. Awareness pervades thought as the ocean pervades a wave, yet is not contained by it. Awareness is never a memory or an image, but the formless imageless Self.

Pure Self-awareness is the Am beneath the I. That space is not only mine, but yours. The Am includes We. 

"I am Buddha. I am Krishna. I am Christ."

 Buddha means awakened. Who in this world can be Buddha until I am Buddha? For if I am not awake, the world is not real.
Krishna means irresistibly attractive. Whenever I hear great music, or taste sweetness, or feel a loving caress, what happens? I close my eyes and sink inward for a moment. The pleasures of the external world are just hints and shadows of the bliss deep within. That bliss is Krishna: perfect beauty at the center of my soul.

And Christ? Christ means anointed. How can I see Christ in another until my own eyes are anointed with Christ-Consciousness?

I share this message not to offend Christians, but to awaken Christ in you, the hope of glory (1 Cor. 12:17). Awakening Christ in you is the Second Coming. It happens now.

Time to cease looking for the Christ, and start looking from the Christ, the Christ within. Time to be the Christ for one another.

"At a distance you only see my light. Come closer and know that I am You.” ~Rumi


Ishvara Devi said...

Atma Namaste Fred, Just reread this a third time and nourished on this Truth... I posted it in Facebook so others can partake... thank you! Blessings of love to you and your family and all in your life! ♥ :~)

Why don't you put up a Facebook page called Uradiance mirroring your blog so more can find out about it? :~)

cmb said...

Hey, that about sums it up! As Adyashanti says, "we must stand in our own shoes" i.e. our own awareness IS spiritual authority. Great post!!!