Thank you, Gurudev. Our little group of four practiced sudarshan kriya tonight. I brought apple pie. I hope you liked it.

Even when you have a massive crowd of 100,000 around you, as in Buenos Aires last Saturday, you are no different than you were when there were six of us sitting on the floor of my living room, in a little row house in Philly, back in 1988, and I asked you, "Who are you, really?" and you said, "I am nobody." You truly meant it. That is when I knew what a Guru is.

You are the empty space of joy, and the incarnation of playfulness. You are not the center of a personality cult, but the center of an energy field. And all of us who dissolve into that field, through the grace of meditation, have the honor of participating in the vortex of love, the window of divinity, through which rays of God transform the earth. Jai Guru Dev.

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Archa said...

It is so nice to see that we are growing so fast but at the same time Guruji is taking care of each one of us.