You Can't Go Wrong

Cellular Structure of an Orchid,  Photo by ceridwensummer

I let go of my story about time, and discovered the eternal space of presence. It was important to say, "There is no past or future."

Letting go of time, I let go of the body, and it was important to say, "I am not this body; I am pure consciousness."

But then I discovered the boundless space of eternity tingling in every atom of my flesh. I cried, "This is my Body! My Body is also God!"

And then I was blessed again to remember my story, my father's and mother's story, and the stories of their fathers and mothers. I was blessed again with the dance of tomorrow, and a plan for beauty. So I reinvented time.

Time bubbles out of the present moment, embracing all my ancestors and the unborn generations of the earth.

No need to negate the past and future in order to be fully present. No need to negate the body to be boundless Spirit. No need to negate the many to be one.

Time is never wrong. Not a single electron is out of place. Each moment of evolution is correct.  Every state of awareness, even the awareness of a snail, is completely enlightened. One cell of skin on your fingertip is replete and overflowing with God-consciousness.

And if you wish to say, "this is absurd!" -  that too is perfectly correct.

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