Please, I Am Stuck

There are two kinds of signals, two kinds of messages we tweet to the universe. One is: "I am stuck in this point of view and you should get stuck here too." The other is: "Something has filled me with pointless wonder; I invite you to dive into love's shouldless space with me." The sign of one is contraction in the heart; the sign of the other is expansion.

Our culture and our educational system teach us to argue a point of view and defend it to the death. We enter every conversation as a hard and tiny point, to do battle with another hard tiny point. This mode of communication only narrows and hardens each point, and is really not communication at all.

What if we entered a conversation saying, "Please, I am stuck in a point of view, and I would like you to help me dissolve it, so that I can expand." Imagine a culture where conversations are based, not on arguing our points, but on the assumption that we are stuck in small places and need others to help us get free.

"Thank you for freeing me from my point of view. Now we can rest in the golden stillness between thoughts, and turn our particles into waves."

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cybervigilante said...

The third signal is the rare one - when the person who is stuck gives up and yells, "HELP!"