Divinity and Breath

How did we ever separate divinity and breath? Perhaps we need to return to the revelation of the obvious.

According to the Biblical creation story, "God breathed into Adam and he became a living soul." The word for "living soul" puns on a Hebrew word for breath, "nephesh." Throughout the Bible, in both New Testament Greek and Old Testament Hebrew, the word used for Spirit and breath are the same: "pneuma" in Greek, "ruach" in Hebrew. The breath we breathe is the gift of the holy Spirit.

The one who is anointed by the holy breath is the Messiah. In Hebrew, "messiach" is God's anointed, one who is filled by Spirit-Breath. Translated into Greek, Messiah is the Christos, the Christ. "Chrism" means anointing.

Every breath Christs our body with the Holy Spirit. We only need the anointing of Consciousness. Breath + Consciousness = Prana.

How wonderful to have a teacher among us, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, who can teach us to unite consciousness and breathing, revealing the divinity of our breath through the practice of Sudarshan Kriya!

He is a teacher in the tradition of Jesus. Jesus knew the divinity of his own breath, and awakened others to the divine breath in themselves.

Isn't it time to stop waiting for a Spirit from above, and start breathing the Spirit from our own hearts? Isn't it time to stop expecting the Second Coming, and become the one whom we expect? Isn't it time, not to be Christian, but to be Christ to one another?

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