The Master Awakens Your Space

"Ano-raniyan Mahato-mahiyan." ~Upanishads
("The smallest of the small is greater than the greatest.")

God is awareness itself,
resting as mirror-like effulgence.
We don't need words to pray because God is already present
as the space in whom prayer arises.
Awareness requires no thought to know itself,
and is the answer to its own prayer.
Pure meditation is not suppression of thoughts,
but effortless repose in the space
where thoughts are not yet born.
She who sinks deeper than thought receives a new language
whose words are waves of boundless silence.
Listen to that song with your whole body -
this is the real meditation.
The deepest prayer does not ask for anything,
but celebrates the prior condition of non-arising.
At first, the space of awareness free from thought
seems like deep sleep;
but its self-luminosity awakens in proximity
to the Witness who is already awake.
This is the role of the Guru.
The Master enters your life for one reason: to awaken space.
The Guru is not our financial advisor or marriage counselor,
and does not deserve to be burdened by silly questions.
The Guru is there to awaken the boundless radiance
you actually are.
When the Master's grace awakens that space in you,
every atom of your body abounds with infinite light,
which is precisely the same expanse that contains
all the galaxies.
The veil between the microcosm
and macrocosm melts away.
Inner and outer are one seamless continuum.
The universe is your own consciousness,
and the farthest inter-stellar distance
is as near as the surface of your eye.
Now you are prepared to meet another human being,
to gaze into that face of fire and say, without a single word,
"I see you..."
This is how little children meet on the playground.

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